Quality service when you need it.

We pride ourselves in offering competent and courteous staff at every level of Orange Oil Company. From your very first phone call, you will be greeted by well-trained personnel who are focused on delivering the best possible service.

Our “Energy Team” of skilled technicians have years of experience.  We maintain/service home and small business oil heating and air conditioning systems for our current customers.  Our technicians are licensed professionals who keep up with the latest and most efficient repair techniques. In our business, full-service means meeting our customers’ needs every step of the way and doing it better than anyone else.

We are pleased to offer our customers:

24-Hour Emergency Service For Current Customers

No matter when, our team is there to ensure that your family stays comfortable year round.

Licensed & Experienced Technicians

With over 75 years in the business, our skilled technicians get the job done right.

Fully-Stocked Parts Inventory

Never have to wait again. Our parts inventory is fully stocked getting you the parts you need, when you need them. 

No Heat Emergency

  • Do you have oil/kerosene in your tank?
  • You cannot always trust your gauge is correct.
  • A hollow sound when tapping on your tank is NOT an indicator that your tank is empty. Even a full tank can sound empty when you tap on it.
  • Is your emergency switch ON?
  • Do you have power?
  • Is the breaker tripped?
  • Do you have good batteries in your thermostat?
  • Is your thermostat in heat mode (if applicable)?
  • Have you turned up your thermostat to ensure the system is being called upon to heat?
  • If you have a steam system, is there water in it?
  • Have you pushed the reset button on the oil burner? Do NOT push it more than once.
  • If you have a mobile home furnace, be sure the door is closed tightly.

Reliable fuel services from a
local supplier you can trust.

Automatic Delivery

If your usage changes – let us know!  We need to know the answers to these questions.  Our computers are good, but they don’t know if you have changed your habits.  😊

Did more people move in with you?

Are friends/family using your washer?

Did you start/stop burning wood/pellets?

Are you keeping the house warmer than usual?


You won’t find many oil companies that push energy efficiency, thereby reducing your fuel consumption.  We pride ourselves by offering a wide range of efficient heating and cooling systems that let you save money because we care. 


No heat in the middle of the night?  No problem.  When you call Orange Oil you won’t get an answering service.  You will get our answering machine that rings directly to our home and is monitored hourly during non-business hours.


We have been a family owned and operated business for over 75 years.  We have not been bought out by someone bigger who is using our name and branding. 4 generations of the Harris family have worked for Orange Oil.  We are not pretending to be local.  We are local.